In the dynamic world of the hospitality industry, attracting & retaining top talent has never been more critical. As a leading recruitment firm specializing in hospitality, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face in this sector. From compensation concerns to workforce stress levels, here’s how you can tackle these challenges and secure the star talent your hospitality business needs.

Competitive Compensation Packages

One of the most significant factors in attracting talent is offering competitive compensation packages. As hospitality recruitment experts, we know that aligning your pay structure with industry standards is crucial. Our team at CMRG specializes in benchmarking total compensation packages (including benefits, and more), ensuring that you can make attractive job offers that stand out in the competitive hospitality job market.

Prioritizing Employee Well-Being

The high-stress nature of the hospitality industry is a known concern. Our talent acquisition consultancy can help you implement strategies to prioritize employee well-being. From advising on work-life balance initiatives to recommending wellness programs, we ensure that your team remains engaged and stress levels are kept in check.

Adapting to Remote Work Preferences

Changing preferences in the workforce have led to an increasing demand for remote work options. Of course, we know that much of the hospitality world functions by being onsite, and serving your client. We have seen many clients successfully consider how to involve remote work in their current processes. For example, could a General Manager have the ability to do their ordering, P&L budgeting, or any administrative tasks remotely once every other week? 

Reducing Employee Turnover

High turnover rates are a persistent challenge in hospitality. The hospitality industry can be stressful, with long hours and high expectations. Seek guidance from a talent acquisition consultancy to advise on work-life balance strategies and employee wellness programs. Given that according to Harri, “58% of Frontline workers feel stress will remain or worsen in the coming year,” it’s crucial to address stress proactively.

Reputation Management and Screening

Your company’s reputation is paramount. Negative media coverage can harm your brand. At CMRG, we offer comprehensive background screening services to ensure that you select employees who align with your company values. We help you maintain a positive image and attract like-minded talent.

Embracing Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of the hospitality industry requires tech-savvy employees. The industry’s rapid digital transformation requires tech-savvy employees. Given that “63% of Frontline Workers are excited about tech,” according to Harri, we suggest emphasize the importance of tech proficiency in job descriptions and the interview process.

Expanding Your Talent Pool Globally

Labor shortages have become a global challenge. Partner with CMRG to expand your talent pool internationally. With our extensive global recruitment network, we connect you with talent from around the world. We also leverage technology to streamline the international recruitment process.


In conclusion, attracting & retaining top talent in the hospitality industry is within your reach with the right strategies and expertise. At CMRG, we provide tailored recruitment services and talent acquisition consultancy to help you overcome the challenges and achieve success in this competitive industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate and grow your hospitality team.

Caitie Cunningham

Caitie Cunningham is CMRG's VP of Marketing + Business Development. She has over 13 years of integrated marketing, sales and recruitment experience.