How Recruiting is Changing the Game

January 5, 2020by Samantha Cooke

As 2019 comes to an end, companies and job seekers have already started setting their sights on hiring opportunities in the new year. With projected growth occurring in fields from veterinary science to carpentry, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted an increase in hiring by nearly 15%, making 2020 a promising year for those entering their field, or wanting to change things up. 

Right now, it is a job hunter’s market. With opportunities arising in new fields, the growth of social media, and promising statistics of college graduates getting hired right out of school (In 2018, the rate of unemployment right out of college was at a record low at 3.7%!!!), the market has been blown open with resumes, cover letters, and portfolios floating around in email exchanges and over mid-morning coffee. The even better news for job seekers: you don’t have to go it alone.

Marketing Recruitment, the earliest stage in talent acquisition, is working with companies to help sell their brand to potential hires. From a job seeker’s point of view, a simple keyword search on job hunting sites such as Indeed or Glassdoor can prove to be extremely overwhelming. There are job postings from companies with no employee reviews, requests for resumes strictly outlining specific requirements, and jobs that had been filled months ago. As candidates looking to make a change, we are given so many tools and an array of opportunities at our fingertips, the already hefty task of job searching just got daunting. 

By partnering with Marketing Recruiters, the question of how to get the right candidate in the right role within the right company is answered. The primary goal of a Marketing Recruiter is to sell not only the candidate to the company, but also the company’s brand to the candidate. Working with Marketing Recruiters allows companies to communicate their goals for a role to an outside eye to help with the recruitment of top talent within that field. By working with Marketing Recruiters, companies are able to focus on employee retention, building relationships with candidates in the pipeline, and really getting to know potential hires. And here’s a secret: recruiters really do want you to succeed. From both an employer’s and an employee’s standpoint, recruiters are passionate about efficient and meaningful communication while aiming to make the hunt for talent a little less scary.

Recruiting is changing the game of the workforce and will continue to climb in its influence in 2020. Here at CMRG, we proudly work with top brands and companies to help maintain and build successful teams. Interested in potential opportunities? Let us help. 

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and promising New Year to you and yours!

Samantha Cooke

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Copyright 2022 by CMRG. All rights reserved.