The New Hiring Norm: Hiring and Recruiting During a Pandemic 

June 4, 2020by Samantha Cooke

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to impact everyday life around the globe, we’re all wondering what our “new normal” will be. Many businesses have been forced to close their doors and rethink their operational plans — especially where hiring, recruiting and company culture are concerned.

The “new norm” in hiring focuses on flexibility, sustainability, and in many cases, creativity – qualities that most businesses cite as necessities in a valuable employee. 

At CMRG, we’ve come up with a few solutions that can help to ensure that the hiring decisions your business makes today will lead to success tomorrow. 

Short-Term Solutions That Lead to Long-Term Success 

Temporary to Permanent Roles

Hiring temporary workers during this time is a great solution. A temporary employee fills a role for the short-term and keeps a team productive until a business is able to better understand the future of that role. Whether it’s seasonal work for delivery companies or extra hands in the healthcare field, these temporary contracts are also beneficial to companies who may ultimately hire these team members permanently. 


Hiring Freelance or Contract Employees

Now is the perfect time to find freelancers in search of work. Through freelance projects, managers can get a taste of what a candidate’s style is while also completing the projects that need to be done. Building a relationship with a freelance candidate strengthens the company’s bond with top talent in the workforce, a freelance position can always lead to full-time and permanent work.


Connecting with a Recruiter

Whether you are in the market for a new job, or looking to fill a role, recruiters have access and relationships beyond job postings. Recruiters have candidate pools with individuals that are looking for new opportunities quietly or may not even officially be in the job market. They also have access to roles that may be confidential or not publicly listed on job boards. Recruitment teams also add an additional level of knowledge to the search, for industry insights, facilitating conversations regarding compensation, additional levels of candidate screening, or whatever your organization may require.

With the uncertainty of the job market for job seekers and companies, it is important to remember that the flexibility we love in a candidate can be something that the candidate loves in us. 


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Samantha Cooke