Top 5 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

January 9, 2019by Crystal McKinsey

In today’s competitive job market recruiting is becoming more challenging; increasing the need for businesses to incorporate enhanced talent acquisition initiatives in order to compete for top talent.

Many businesses are experiencing significant benefits from adopting recruitment marketing strategies. These far-reaching benefits also extend to job candidates, as it enhances their experience engaging with your company by creating favorable impressions.

I’ve outlined the top five benefits that your business can expect to receive from implementing recruitment marketing as an additive to your HR discipline.

  1. More Sustainability

The goal for your recruitment marketing strategy is to think long term. Recruitment is no longer limited to hiring only “available” candidates. It has expanded to nurturing relationships with the most highly qualified candidate, who will be the best fit for your company culture and make the most substantial impact over time– including candidates who are not actively seeking employment opportunities.

This discipline is a “long game” strategy with increased focus on engaging leads from more strategically aligned, passive candidates. Investing time fostering connections with this type of candidate will yield better outcomes for your business over time.

  1. 2. Better Candidate Experience

The perception of your business does not begin when a candidate “clicks” to apply for a job. It begins with the very first encounter they have with your business.

Recruitment marketing gives you the ability to curate the content that a candidate will encounter before applying; therefore making the best possible first impression. This impression is incredibly important, as it often occurs during the ”pre-application phase”: the time that candidates are evaluating your company. Their first experience with your business, and the impression it leaves, will influence their decision when deciding whether to apply or not.

Each touchpoint should be personalized to create the best experiences with your ideal top-tier, candidate; thereby increasing their level of engagement, building a stronger connection, and increasing their willingness to apply.

  1. Enhanced Business Branding

Candidates are no longer simply applying for a job with a company, they are seeking deeper connections with a brand based on commonality. Businesses that communicate compelling and captivating brand messaging will help candidates have a better sense of the essence of your brand and why working with you would be a fulfilling experience.

This should inspire higher quality content and marketing campaigns, leading with messaging that: evokes interest, captures attention, and stimulates admiration in a powerful way. To successfully accomplish this, in a way that is measurable, recruitment marketing is essential.

  1. Reduced Hiring Costs

An effective recruitment marketing strategy will streamline your talent acquisition methods and reduce hiring costs by helping you identify the best investments of your time and resources. This is vital, as many businesses have difficulties in tracking ROI on resources they’ve invested on campaigns designed to acquire talent.

In addition, having a nurtured pool of engaged talent in your hiring database- that you can revisit with new opportunities- will alleviate costs associated with having to start new searches “from scratch”. An established pipelines of candidates, that are a good fit for your business, enables you to expedite the hiring process and ultimately attract and retain higher caliber employees– saving your business time and money.

  1. Improved Candidate Quality

When it comes to your pool of candidates, quality always trumps quantity.

Often times high caliber candidates browse career sites to learn more about business opportunities, but aren’t necessarily ready to initiate the application process. It’s crucial that you properly attract and engage them while they’re there.

High-quality recruitment marketing strategies will drive high-quality lead generation. To ensure the best results, you must carefully consider how to nurture your most sought after candidates– with the ultimate goal being to move them through your pipeline to an application. Recruitment marketing will help you convert those quality candidates into leads.

Hiring top talent is a common goal for businesses, but one that has gotten increasingly more challenging in recent years. When properly executed, recruitment marketing will offer amazing benefits for your brand and create a favorable brand impression for prospective candidates. Embracing recruitment marketing will be a major boost for your business and propel you to the leading edge of talent acquisition.

Crystal McKinsey