Why Your Business Should Outsource Recruiting

January 9, 2019by Crystal McKinsey


Businesses face unique challenges when recruiting in today’s evolving and complex job market. The recruiting process is dynamic and multifaceted. Recruiters are relied upon to nurture candidates and the employer brand; while managing candidate experience, ensuring hiring manager satisfaction, managing candidate experience, and developing and maintaining the employment brand.

Your current HR discipline is already steeped in recruiting, but it also facilitates many other complex areas, such as: retaining, payroll, performance reviews, employee relations, and open enrollment. This is in addition to managing hiring fluctuations throughout the year. This can all be very challenging to handle in-house; particularly for small businesses.

The Benefits:

Outsourcing your recruiting will give you the benefit of having an extra pair of hands– expert hands who have successfully done it before.  A professional team of recruiters will alleviate the burdens associated with your hiring challenges by facilitating the entire hiring process, from strategy to placement.   

A recruiting management team will not only attract and engage quality candidates, they create a database of talent and propel them through a pipeline directly to your business.

An outsourced team of experienced recruiters will also increase your market viability. They drive candidates to your website by marketing positions under your brand; they promote your jobs on job boards and social media platforms; and they source on your behalf acting as brand ambassadors.

What challenges will outsourcing recruiting solve?

Outsourcing brings additional value-added benefits including:

Strategic planning: Diving deep with businesses to understand its recruitment needs, forecasting staffing needs, and plan the necessary processes to address the needs.

Comprehensive marketing: Recruiters market jobs in a wide variety of ways:  job boards, social media, referrals, and networking to drive candidate exposure to your business, bolstering brand awareness, and promoting career opportunities.

Pipelines of nurtured talent: In addition to increasing your brand awareness, recruiters engage both active and passive candidates and vet candidates in advance through sourcing assessment. Recruiters will ensure candidates possess the proper qualifications, skills, competencies, and motivators to do the job, as well as an ideal culture fit.

Candidate experience: Managing the candidate experience is very important. During the hiring process– applying, interviewing, being considered for the job or hired– clear communication, follow-ups and offering candidates a top-notch experience is vital for the business brand. If the candidate feels slighted during the hiring process they may take that as an indication that your business is not a good fit for them.

By outsourcing your recruiting, you liberate your HR staff and leverage their time more efficiently. This empowers them to focus on higher-level priorities that are more important to your health and growth of your business. It is a strategic approach to hiring with multiples wins for your business.

Crystal McKinsey